Menu ideas for a Chinese New Year reunion dinner (5 simple recipes!)

Preparing an auspicious feast for Chinese New Year need not be stressful or difficult…if you choose the right dishes.

We’ve sourced the best Asian food blogs and picked the easiest recipe possible. These dishes need minimal ingredients and is not difficult to prepare.

1 . Lavish Fortune Prawns by Amy Beh
The word ‘prawns’ in Chinese sounds like ‘laughter’. We can foresee this is going to taste so good!
lavish prawns by Amy Beh

2. Chinese Steam Fish by Rasa Malaysia
We always think steam fish is fool-proof, easy and not messy. Get a few good tips from Rasa Malaysia on how to make a restaurant-style Chinese Steam Fish.

Chinese Steam Fish


3. Sweet Longevity Noodles by Cuisine Paradise
This is the simplest recipe yet the most auspicious recipe of all.  All you need is red noodles, eggs, pandan leaves, ginger and sugar! sweet longevity noodles

4. Imitation Shark’s Fin Soup
JewelPie is against animal cruelty and would never advocate consuming shark’s fin. We have a good replacement for it!
imitation shark fin soup 1


5. Braised mushroom with abalone by Noobcook
Cook any chinese vegetables that you normally would (e.g bok choy). Add a touch of luxury with a can of abalone, good quality mushrooms and huge scallops. braised mushrooms with abalone

What do you plan to cook for this reunion dinner?

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2 Responses to “Menu ideas for a Chinese New Year reunion dinner (5 simple recipes!)”

  1. Ms Shortie
    February 4, 2013 at 12:56 am #

    Imitation shark fin soup looks quite interesting. It’s nice to have a home-made one since we mostly have that in restaurants. Great to earn brownie points from mother-in-laws too. Hahah


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