17 amazing ideas for a moustache party!

Looking for a theme for a party? What about moustache party. It’s fun and easy to put together. We have 17 ideas for a moustache themed party!

1. Make some moustache cupcakes
Mustache Cupcakes

2. Order a moustacke cake
We found a really cute one from Wondermilk, a cake house based in Damansara. moustache cake

3. Print a small moustache on food label


4. Create drink label with moustache motif



5. Decorative straw


6. Stick moustache on the drink dispenser

7. Paint of stick moustache on a jar for a cutlery stand

8. Make some moustache sticks with bamboo skewers and black cardboard

9. Pop a moustache stick into a bouquet


10. Create a moustache photobooth


11. Paint your nails with cute moustache design
Check out a step-by-step tutorial herediy moustache nails

12. Print a ‘c0mplimentary moustache poster’
complimentary moustache


13. Wear a moustache t-shirt
We found one from Zalora.
moustache shirt

14. Wear moustache jewellery like rings
Here’s a colourful set from Zalora.


15. Moustache case
Even your phone can adhere to the them. Get a moustache skin or case From iskino.my. mustache skin

16. Frame a poster
Find cute posters that are related to the them and frame it up.


17. Make moustache bunting


How do you like it?


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