15 cool ideas for a balloon-filled party!

We are not one of those people who are afraid of balloons. We love popping it and had great memories of water balloon fight! If you’re like  us, you’ll enjoy the many ideas of incorporating balloons into your party. These are some of our favourite!

1. Cool drinks with frozen water balloon

2. Welcome guest with balloon at the entrance

3. Have water balloon fight!

4. Put some ballloons on the cake too
balloon cake

5. Tag presents or party bags with easy DIY balloon tags
balloon tag

6. Fill the entire room with helium balloons!

7. Decorate the archway with upside down balloons

8. Water balloon pinata!

9. Decorate the wall with colorful balloons and strips of paper

10. Invite guest with balloon motif paper cards

11. Make a ‘chandelier’ out of balloons!

12. Tie helium balloons on chairs

13. Have mini balloons as place-card holder

14. Create a photobooth backdrop with balloons

15. Get some balloon cupcakes

What else can we do with balloons at a party? Let us know below, or on Facebook or Twitter.

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