GIFT WRAPPING: 12 creative alternatives to ribbons and bows

Are you looking for an easy but unconventional way to wrap a present? Forget about typical ribbons you get at bookshops or craft shops. Here are 10 other things to replace ribbons and bows.

1. Balloons
Gift wrap ideas

2. Duct tape
duct tape

3. Lace + transparent tape
lace and tape

4.Colourful yarn

5. Tulle

6. Brown strings and leaves
brown string and leaves

7. Fabric


8. Cupcakes liners
cupcake liners

9. Yarn pom pom
yarn pom pom

10. Paper bow

11. Straws

12. Twine and doilies
twine and doilies

Any other ideas? Let us know below, on Facebook or Twitter.


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