11 creative ways to store shoes

If you are like most girls, you have limited space to store your growing collection of shoes. While surfing on Pinterest (follow us!), we found many ideas on storing and organising your shoes.

Some require special installation and others use everyday things like wooden crates, ladder and PVC pipes. Be inspired!

1. Wooden crates
Wooden crates repurposed as shoe racks. Instead of mounting them on the wall, they can be stacked them up too. Paint them if you like! Now we can keep those wooden crates from wines and mandarin oranges.

creative ideas to store your shoes

2. Clear storage boxes
Clear boxes allows you to see your shoes. We love how these boxes can be pulled out like drawers, making shoes easily accessible.

creative ideas to store your shoes

3. Frames
Who would have thought side of the frames can make such pretty shoe storage for pumps?

creative ideas to store your shoes

4. Coat hanger
This coat hanger from IKEA is installed lower to hang shoes. Genius!

creative ideas to store your shoes

5. Ladder
A ladder rested on the wall can be used not only to store high-heels, but scarves and jewelry. It makes a pretty decor too.creative ideas to store your shoes

6. PVC Pipes
Creative and affordable shoe storage put together using PVC pipes. We think it hardly looks DIY and can even pass off as a designer cabinet!creative ideas to store your shoes

7. Turning shoe tree
A shoe tree to hang your shoes and turn them around.creative ideas to store your shoes

8. Shoe Wheel
A compact shoe storage which keeps many pairs of shoe in a small space. We like it’s funky design and visible storage.
creative ideas to store your shoes

9. Staircase cum drawers
Hidden shoe storage on the stairs. The first few steps can be pulled out like a drawers!creative ideas to store your shoes

10. Lazy susan shoe cabinet
Installing a lazy susan in a deep cabinet saves space and enable one to access their shoes easily.lazysusan

11. Industrial pipes
Keeping shoes on industrial pipes is a little tricky. Here’s a tutorial.

creative ideas to store your shoes

How do you store your shoes? Do you have any better ideas to share? Let us know at the comments below or join our polls on Facebook!

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