10 simple ways to create a Balinese style bedroom

It’s wonder Balinese style interior is a popular choice among home owners. Who doesn’t like their home to be as relaxing as a tropical resort? Balinese is famous for its natural furnishing using wood and rattan, batik, traditional paintings, and tropical plants like orchid and hibiscus.

Last month, we explored the beautiful Hyatt Resort at Sanur. Besides its breathtakingly beautiful beach, the resort famous for its traditional Balinese architecture and lush tropical gardens. Here are 10 simple ways to incorporate Balinese design into your bedroom.

1. Wooden clock
An inexpensive addition to the room would be a wooden alarm clock.


2. Balinese batik wall decor/painting
At Bali, there are plenty of shops offering paintings. They often depicts the life of olden Bali or Gautama Buddha. If you’re not into paintings, you might like a wall decor of batik print.


3. Wooden chair
While it may be difficult to include a huge furniture like a bed or a cupboard, the case is not the same with a chair. Bali has intricately carved chairs made from material like teak and grass (ata)


4. Wooden lamp
A table lamp is also easy to add into an existing bedroom. Again, it should be wooden and carved.


5. Wooden headboard with batik
Bali is blessed with natural resources like rattan and wood. Hence, almost all their furniture are made from them, headboard included.



6. Orchid
This is probably the easiest way to turn your room into a more Balinese-style one. Pick an orchid with a wooden vase.


7. Wooden hanger
For a tropical interior, try to reduce the use of plastic and replace them with natural materials instead. Replace all your plastic hangers with wooden ones.


8. Wooden clothes rack with carving
This is probably our favourite piece of decoration the the room. Clock racks are now often too simplistic and with cold material like steels and plastic. For a Balinese feel, source for a wooden one carved with natural design like flowers.


9. Carved wooden mirror
A mirror is another piece of furniture that is not too huge nor expensive. Find one with a wooden frame.


10. Grass mat
Use mat made from natural material like rattan. To complete the Balinese experience, wear a batik room slipper.


   Have you been to Bali? Do you like Balinese-style interior?


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