10 multilayered food steamers for healthy & fast cooking

Steam food is a healthier alternative to other cooking methods such as frying, deep-frying, roasting or boiling. Little to no oil is used in steaming and fewer nutrient dissolves into the water, which is normally discarded. If you want to take steaming food to the next level, you might want to consider getting a multilayered food steamer. These electric steamers come with three basket layers which allow you to cook food such as fish, chicken, vegetables, rice and eggs at the same time.

1. ELBA Food Steamer
Elba Food Steamer EFS 1149 Black RM 175

Elba Food Steamer


2. Pensonic Food Steamer
Pensonic Food Steamer PMS-127s Silver RM 128

Pensonic Food Steamer


3. TEFAL Simple Invest Steamer
Tefal Simply Invents Steamer VC1016 9L RM 239

tefal food steamer


4.FABER Food Steamer
Faber Food Steamer FFS 917 Black & Silver RM 169

Faver Food Steamer


5. CORNELL Food Steamer
Cornell Food Steamer CFS-EL13 White and Gold RM 119

Cornell Food Steamer CFS-EL13 White and Gold


6. LEBENSSTIL Food Steamer
LEBENSSTIL Food Steamer LKSM-6003L RM 219



7.PHILIPS Pure Essentials Collection Steamer
Philips Pure Essentials Collection Steamer HD9140/91 RM 274.28

Philips Pure Essentials Collection Steamer HD914091

8. KENWOOD Food Steamer
Kenwood Food Steamer FS370 White RM 209

Kenwood Food Steamer FS370 White

9.HESSTAR Food Steamer
Hesstar Food Steamer HFS-3M RM 178


10. TEFAL Steam N Light Steamer


Tefal Steam N Light Steamer VC3008 10L


Do you normally steam your food?

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